Today is the last day that our current incompetent President will be in office.  I did not vote for him either time, so I take no personal responsability for the current problems our country is facing.  I find it interesting that the very people who voted this man in TWICE! are now his biggest critics.  It wasn’t like all of the problems came about since the last election.  No, there were some significant problems four years ago and people still voted him in again. 

In case it wasn’t already evident, I am not Bush’s biggest fan…

I know that Obama is inheriting a butt-load of problems.  These are not going to be easy to fix, if they are fixable at all.  The only thing that gives me peace is that I keep thinking that No one can be worse than Bush.  We have seen the worst, America, and it SUCKED.  Obama will do much better.  In fact, I expect Obama to be a thousand  times better President than Bush was.  I just hope he doesn’t get blamed for things that weren’t his fault and that are going to take decades to fix right.  I would not want to be the President inheriting this mess, and so I’ll pray for wisdom and safety for Obama as he takes office tomorrow.

The kids are off tomorrow too for a teacher work day, so we will be watching the inaugeration live on TV.  If we still lived in Northern Virginia we’d go and watch it live.  Either way, tomorrow should be quite an exciting day.

My strip from yesterday is finally up.  My strip from today will be posted tonight because that’s the way I wanted it read.  At night in real time.  I might post tomorrow’s strip with it or maybe not.  We’ll see. 

Bush is gone!  Bush is gone!  The worst president ever is gone gone gone!