Sunday cartoons are always bigger than dailies and they are always colored in.  I have always enjoyed doing Sunday cartoons because they can be longer and more involved than the dailies.  The first time I colored a Sunday and saw my characters with skin tones and brown hair it was like they came alive for me.

Now that I’m on the web I have more freedom.  I could color the dailies, but I don’t want to.  I like the look of the black and white dailies and the contrast to the colorful Sundays.  I could make the dailies bigger, but I have also decided not to do that either.  This way I can fit two dailies per page of Bristol board and it’s more economical.  One thing that I HAVE decided to do is to change up the days that get colored.  It’s not always going to fall on Sunday from now on.  It probably usually will, but this week, for instance, it won’t.  I have a “Sunday strip” written to go on Monday or Tuesday that has to do with the inaugeration.  So Sunday’s strip will be a daily– a continuation from today.

I won’t be breaking up continutaions to go to a Sunday strip either.  The “Sunday” will come after any continuing storylines are concluded, unless they are part of the story.  It should work out to one a week same as always, and that day will still be on Sundays unless I have a reason to make it some other day.

Just wanted to give a heads up.  Change is a comin’…