I am sorry I have been so slow with updating lately.  I have added two things to my already crowded life and I haven’t yet found the balance.  One is homeschooling, and the other is regular exercise.  Our computer problems continue, but I have decided to let them be for now.  Our internet tends to be up all day and early evening.  Around 8:30 it goes down for the night.  I have no idea why.  I used to spend every night on the web but this has forced me to stop and I like it.  I’m getting more sleep and spending more time with my family.  The only downside is that I cannot update my site at night anymore and that’s when I get most of my best work done.

What happens is that my kid is working on the computer in the morning and by the time I have time to upload my toon I think, well it’s late so I might as well just wait and put it up with tonights toon later.  Until I finally realized that I had FOUR to put up.  From now on I’m going to try and just upload in the mornings no matter how late it is. 

Todays toons I really like (which means that most likely no one else will!)  The first is just silly and the second one makes me grin.  Of course Manny has managed to lose all of his weight painlessly and quickly.  Of COURSE he has.  In my own life, I am trying to find out why I have been working my butt off only to look back and find it stubbornly still attached.  Getting older sucks.

The third cartoon is about names, which I am really interested in.  I was the kid who checked out baby name books from the library when I was a child and had all of my kids names picked out when I was a teenager.  Luckily for my kids I didn’t end up USING any of those names.  The world really doesn’t need any more Calliopes or Shakiras, y’know?  (My apologies to any Calliope’s or Shakira’s out there reading this blog).

The last toon is the way I feel about Obama.  Even if he is the most fabulous president ever, he still might be seen as a failure because he is inheriting soooo many problems.  Be careful what you wish for…  On a brighter note,  Bush is out of here in a few more days!  It’s like Christmas all over again!