Today’s cartoon is late because we are having problems with our internet provider OR our phone line.  Both of them say it’s the other one’s problem and they both keep telling me different things to do to fix the problem, but nothing works for long.  Basically, we can get on the internet sometimes, but we never know when or for how long before we’ll be kicked off again.  I haven’t been able to post at night (except once or twice) for a few weeks now, but the mornings have always been reliable.  But now even the mornings aren’t working right anymore.    We are getting frustrated and pissed because we are paying for a service that doesn’t work 50% of the time.  Hopefully, we’ll get this fixed for good soon. 

Anyway, today’s cartoon is from our daily life.  My husband and I are on diets.  This has not made for a merry new year.  Try grouchy and hungry and tired.  The good news is that it is working well for both of us so far.  The bad news is that I, for one, have quite a bit farther to go.  In my cartoon I have Manny on a diet and not Eve.  It’s always the woman on the diets in comic strips and I am enjoying him getting his just desserts.

Today’s punchline was something my husband said to me the other day when he was trying to justify eating something wonderful.  I thought it was funny so I used it.   I told him that he can have chocoloate, just in moderation, and he came back with “Well, what’s the point of that?”  Being a man, he’ll be thin by February and I’ll be very resentful.  Obviously, I can’t kill him, but I can work things out by using Manny in the strip.  Maybe for every pound my husband loses, I’ll have Manny gain two?  It would be terrible if he suffered an unfortunate accident…

You know, when you start plotting against fictional characters, I’d say that it is time to go eat something.