I am a prety gud speler.  Relly I am.  But, I also know that my cartoons (and heck, even this blog!) are chock full of spelling and punctuation errors.  There is a reason for that.  I type really fast,  late at night, and I also ink late at night.  I catch some errors before they are published, but not the majority.  There are also continuity errors.  Someone is wearing a black shirt in one panel and a white one in another.  I do check my cartoons before they are published, but this is also done, you guessed it!  Late at night. 

Why, yes, I AM a nightowl, thank you very much!

My best friend points out the errors to me and usually my readers do too.  And yet, they aren’t fixed.  Why is that?

Laziness, pure and simple.  Sigh.  I NEED an editor.  That is one thing I miss about being syndicated.  I could turn in a cartoon that was just littered with bad spelling and grammatical mistakes, and when it was printed, it would be pristine.  It made me look smart.

I am going to beg Kate to give my cartoons a quick look-see before they are published (if it’s possible.  So what say you, Kate?  Is this doable?  I’ll pay you in LOVE.  …barf!)  Anyhoo, if she is willing, you should notice a BIG improvement (not in the blog.  You’ll just have to grit your teeth and ignore the mistakes in the blog) immediately.  Kate is an extraordinary proof-reader and she will make me look smart again and then all will be well with the world.