One of our family’s beloved traditions is to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  I usually buy new pajamas for the kids so they will look cute on Christmas morning, and this is the gift they get to open.  Of course, they loathe this tradition and wish that they could open a cool gift instead, but I always hold firm because I believe they will eventually come around.  Or, they will eventually force this tradition on their own children, which is just as good.


So there we were, opening gifts when my husband throws me a little gift to open.  I was surprised because I know everything I’m getting and I didn’t know about this.  He goes shopping with me, asks me what I like and then buys it on the spot.  I’d much rather be surprised, but he seems incapable of doing it, so I’ve come to uneasy terms with this over the years.  He has even said to me, in the past, “Do you want me to wrap them for you or do you want to do it?”  Like I’d want to wrap my own gifts!


Anyway, now this little gift has me intrigued because it’s a surprise.  Maybe he actually put a little thought into it this year!  I open it up and it’s this pretty red bag that says “You’ve been naughty” on it and now I’m really confused.  Was it lingerie?  And why was he giving it to me in front of the kids?  But it wasn’t soft, it was hard and crunchy feeling.  Then I thought it might be jewelry of some kind.  Not diamonds.  This isn’t a commercial.  But I did think it might be a locket or a charm.  So I eagerly open it and this is what I find.



Yes, that’s coal.  He gave me COAL for Christmas Eve. 


This is SOOOO a cartoon…


Anyway, this holiday season is kicking my booty for some reason, but while the turkey is cookin’ tomorrow, I promise to try and get the last three cartoons posted.  I should have time before the family arrives. 


Wishing you and yours a blessed, peaceful Christmas.  Happy birthday, Jesus!