Um, yes I did.  I really used the word penis in my cartoon today, and I’m sorry if it offends anyone (especially anyone who might possibly be reading from my church!) BUT, I had a good reason.  And that reason was… wait for it… it was funnier that way.

My husband and I were having this discussion and he said that teenage boys were walking penis’s.  (What a weird word.  How the heck do you spell it?!) I thought this was hilarious and we both knew immediately that it had to be a cartoon.  But, if I changed the word penis (oh come ON, it’s just a word like any other word.  Penis, penis PENIS!  But, from now on in this post,  I will say the P word instead.) to hormones (as in, teenage boys are walking hormones) it loses a lot of the umph.  Now, if I was still syndicated, I would have written this, laughed and put it aside knowing there was no way to really do it.  I have reams of ideas that are not suitable for print.  But since I’m not syndicated anymore, I started thinking that, you know,  I can TOTALLY get away with this!  My husband thought I should do it and he egged me on,  so I did.  I have no idea what kind of reception it will get.  I don’t plan on making this kind of thing a regular thing.  But, if I think of something that I think is funny and it’s a bit off-color, I will probably post it.  After all, the buck stops with me now, and I am not known for using the best judgment.  I told you my editor at UPS saved me countless times!

My son read the cartoon and said in a shocked voice, “Mom!  Are you allowed to get away with using the P word?”  And I said, “Of course I am.  Who is going to stop me?  The internet police?”  And then I laughed my evil laugh and went on my merry way.

At least I didn’t use the V word.  The world is not ready for the word Virginia in a cartoon.  Or the word vagina either, for that matter…

The sunday cartoon I like, but I’m not sure I went with the right punch line.  I went back and forth between the one I used, and one where in the last panel, Eve says to her mom “Tag, you’re it!”  Now, I’m second guessing my self and I think that would have been better.  Oh well.  At least it’s done.

Also, I will be completely caught up tomorrow night.  I will post the last two cartoons and then it’s one a day from here on out!  I am SO excited about this that I cannot even express it.