Have you ever been so tired that you are having hallucinations?  I am not there right now, but I have been there before.  Once, I was trying to finish a project and I was working round the clock for a few weeks in a row (getting only about 2 hours of sleep a night) and I began seeing things.  I would see black paint running down the walls.  The walls would warp in and out.  I would catch movement out of the sides of my eyes, but when I’d turn around there’d be nothing there.  This really freaked me out.  I thought maybe I was going crazy or we were in the middle of a haunting, and then I got some sleep and these things stopped.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!

Right now, I think I’m on the verge of something similar.  I need to start being kinder to my body and soul.   Suffice it to say that living with our autistic son is hard these days (he’s going through puberty and this is hard on neurotypical kids so you can imagine how much harder it is for him.  Not a whole lot of sleeping or, you know, SANITY going on in my house lately.  Enough said…)  I really need to get more sleep and have less stress.  Make a pill that does that and I guarantee you’ll be a billionaire.  Sigh… 

It’s almost 11 here.  My cartoons are written and drawn up but not inked yet.  They have not been scanned.  If I do those things I will be here until after 1 am easily.  I am exhausted so I am going to go to bed.  Tomorrow I will TRY to catch up on my cartoons, my emails and this blog, but I make no promises about it. (Well, I do promise to post new toons tomorrow no matter what).   Tomorrow is saturday and the only way I’ll get the res tof this done is if my son has  a good day.   Add in a bad day and all bets are off. 

Tomorrow is the 20th.  The last toon I posted was the 16th.  Tomorrow night I’ll try to post the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th dailies.  Then sunday night  I’ll post the Sunday the 21st toon and the Monday the 22nd toon and then I’ll be caught up!  Yippee skippey!  That means a lot less work for me throughout the holidays, which is always nice.

Wish me luck!