Yesterday our phone lines went down and I couldn’t use the phone or access the internet (we have DSL).  So, no update until the phone company could come out and fix the lines today.  They just left and the culprit was ants.  Huge ants had infested our box outside and chewed through the wires.  They cleared out the ants, fixed the lines and we are back in business.  We are to spray around the box every month or so to take care of the problem in the future.

It’s just so random!  I figure there is a horror movie in there somewhere.  A woman living alone has ongoing trouble with ants chewing through her phone lines  and she learns to just be irritated when they go down, not afraid.  Until the time it’s NOT ants but some psychotic axe murderer who has broken out of the institution that’s just down the road from her house (no wonder she got it for such a great price!)  and who’s axe has her name on it.  Let the games begin!   

Feel free to use that scenerio.  I have another that begins, “It was a dark and stormy night…”

Anyway, that should hopefully conclude the problems with getting my cartoon out on time.   Here at CBW central we ‘ve braved computer problems and giant ants.  What’s next, aliens?   Dun dun dun…. 

To be continued…