The first of my strips today (11/29) was something that happened to my sister.  She was talking to her 90 year old neighbor and the neighbor made a reference to when the kids today become “our” age, and freaked my sister out.  She wanted to know just when she had crossed over into being lumped into the same age group as a senior citizen.  I told her that it was when she turned 30.  I actually wrote another cartoon about this years ago when Eve is asked to participate in a political poll and asked her age range.  18-29 or 30-death.

Obviously, if you follow my cartoon you have realized that I am interested in aging and different people’s reactions to it.  I find it fascinating.  What must it feel like to be born GORGEOUS and to watch that slowly fade away?  To go from the supreme confidence of your twenties to being 45 and no longer stopping traffic.  To be seen as an old woman.  I wasn’t born gorgeous, so I’ll never know.  I do know that being born “regular” looking has it’s advantages when you age.  I don’t think I look that much worse for wear because I was never Angelina Jolie to begin with.  Eh, so I have a few wrinkles and lots of gray hair.  Heck, I earned them and they don’t really bother me.  I’m just glad I don’t have to see my face blown up to the size of a movie screen because then I might be just the TEENSIEST bit more paranoid about the entire process.

The second cartoon is another reference to muffin tops, which is another favorite theme of mine.  I see them everywhere (and if I look down in my lap, there’s another one!  TMI alert!!) and I find them so hilarious.  Just go up a pants size and be comfortable.  Which is advice I will never take (go UP a pants size?  Are you MAD?!) but that I love to give.

The last toon is on that I wouldn’t even have attempted when I was still syndicated.  Well, I probably would have attempted it, but I would have had a back up  because I’m pretty sure it’s too risque.  Maybe not.  Oh, who knows.  I can’t tell anymore, and I don’t have to.  I just like it because she really wants another baby and Manny is completely against the idea.  I think relationships  and storylines are more interesting when they have some conflict.

And that’s all I have to say about that…