Yesterday afternoon, out of the blue, 3 roosters showed up in our yard.  These were not stringy, filthy, feral chickens, no these bad boys were fat, friendly, well taken care of and obviously lost.  They thing is, we don’t live near farmland so they were an odd sight.  My kids are immune to the the commonplace charms of  pelicans, ibis, cormorants, hawks, but the site of chickens in the yard was the best thing ever, and a reason to sit out on the porch and watch them. 

The roosters  hung around our yard all evening, and we called animal control because we figured someone was probably looking for them.  Animal control didn’t pick them up, but they will tell the owners where their chickens are if they get a call from them.   This brings us to today.  Bright and early this morning, they began crowing.  I had been led to beleive that roosters crowed once or twice at dawn and then slept the rest of the day away or did chickeny things.  This was a filthy LIE.  These roosters crowed every 30 seconds or so, for about 3 HOURS.  Sometimes all three at once, sometims solo, they pranced crowed and cock-a-d00dle-dooed until my husband threatened to go get his shotgun.  (He doens’t have a shotgun, but at 6 am this morning, I did understamd the desire…)

The neighbors think they are our chickens because they have thus far chosen to dig mine fields looking for grubs in only our yard.  I wish they’d move on before tomorrow morning comes…  I don’t think I’m farmgirl material.  I’d love to live on a horse farm, but I have decided that roosters really aren’t my thing.

If I check off enough things in life that aren’ t my thing, does that leave the one thing that is?  I hope I can get this figured out before I am too old to get any pleasure out of knowing, at last, what my thing really is!

What a strage day this has been.