The new computer is awesome, though I am still not used to it yet.  All of our old files are on an external hard drive and I need to have the computer guy come and put them on our new system.  I could do it myself (at least they assured me that I could) but I am afraid to try.  All of my cartoons are on it, my two novels I wrote, my children’s books, and all of our pictures we’ve taken over the last few years and all of our songs… (NONE of it backed up (except for my novels.  I’m not THAT stupid!) because, you know, I was livin’ on the edge!)   and I can’t bear to lose any of it.  Luckily, God didn’t allow us to lose our stuff (and yes, I give him the credit because we really should have lost it.  We were just criminally dumb and unbothered about this) and it has been a good lesson.  We are now going to be fully backed up, scrubbed clean and CAREFUL.

I have decided to put up new cartoons starting tomorrow night.  I just got my scanner up tonight (I lost the CD for it and I had to call HP and get a downloadable version.  It was free, they were extremely helpful, and so they will get my business again!) and since I don’t have my old files back yet, I lost my templates for my cartoons and so I will figure all of that out again tomorrow during the day, scan them and get them ready.  They are already inked.  My first three new cartoons will be posted near midnight tomorrow night, and that will continue my old pattern I had set up.  I will also post a new blog post near midnight every weeknight as well.  I’ve decided not to blog on weekends.  It was getting hard, never having a day off, and I like having my weekends with my kids.  So the new schedule is 7 new cartoons a week, and 5 blog posts.  And a partridge in a pear tree…

I hope you all have been well.  I have been wonderful.  I had a two week break from the internet (this was the biggest break BY FAR that I’ve had since I first got online), and it made me realize how much time I waste online everyday.  I got soooo much done.  I refuse to go back to my old patterns.  I lost all of my old favorited sites and I am not seeking most of them out again.  Time to streamline my day. 

To catch you up on our life, in the last two weeks I cooked a Thanksgiving feast for 12, played Mary in our church’s Christmas program, made the decision to homeschool one of my children, braved the crowds to go Christmas shopping only to find out that there were no crowds to speak of, (freaky and scary and I am choosing willfully NOT to worry about it.  La la la la la!) and found out that peanut butter is a miracle worker when it comes to getting gum out of your little girl’s beautiful, uncuttable hair.  So what’s new with YOU?  (And, I sincerely hope that there still ARE some you’s out there!)

I will try to catch up on emails and comments on this blog tomorrow too.  Busy busy busy!

…Sigh…  It’s good to be back.