I have bad news.  My computer has died & cannot be repaired.  And because I live in the Keys, I couldn’t just go to a local store & buy one unless I wanted to pay twice as much as the rest of the world.  So I ordered a new computer that will ship on December 5th, so it could be as late as the 14th before I get things going again.  It might not be that late, but it could be.  I’m planning for the worst & hoping for the best.

Once I’m back online, I’ll post 2-3 new strips per day until I’ve caught up to the current day’s strip (I’m still cartooning even though I’m not able to post the strips).  I will resume blogging immediately, as well.

I hope you’ll stick around and wait this out with me.  I apologize for the snafu!  My computer has been on  its last legs for about 2 years now and we’ve just nursed it along, but it finally bit the big one and said, “No more!”  However, now that I’ve got a shiny new computer coming my way, there should not be any further problems any time in the future (hopefully; knock on wood)!

I might be able to get to the library again to blog before I get my new computer up & running, but I can’t promise anything.  With the holidays approaching and my kids’ school schedules and the like, getting to the library has proven more difficult than I thought it would!

I hope you’ll check back in another week or so.  Please know I felt really terrible about this until I realized that I have no control here!  As the surfers say, “Acknowledge, and move on!”