Why are gay people so villified by so many Christians?  I mean, I understand that most Christians think that homosexuality is a sin because it says it is in the Bible.  Whether I want to believe that or not is irrevelant.  God is the one who gets to decide what is a sin, and the Bible is clear on this issue.  It calls homosexuality an abomination.  (But then again, the word abomination is all over the old testament and it also says that it’s an abomination to eat shellfish, but, whatever).  My point is that it’s just one sin.  One sin of MANY.  Why is it seen as the worst sin of all?  It doesn’t say that it is anywhere in the Bible.  In fact, what it says is that all sins are equal in God’s eyes.  So that means that if you lie or commit adultery or commit murder or have a homosexual relationship… they are all weighted the same to God.  That little white lie you told this morning that made your wife think those grey slacks didn’t make her look fat?  Yeah, that’s the same as homosexuality to Jesus. 

The Bible does lump all sexual sin together.  Sexual sin is against your own body and your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  But whenever homosexuality is mentioned, adultery is also mentioned, and Jesus said that if you lust after a woman that’s the same as commiting adultery!  Mind blowing, huh?  “Thou shalt not commit homosexual acts” is not one of the 10 commandments, but “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” IS.  Heck, homosexuality didn’t even make the top 10!  (That was a joke, by the way…)

It says in the Bible that ALL fall short of the glory of God.  No one can get to heaven except through Jesus.  That our very best is just rags to God.  It doesn’t say that everyone is a sinner, yes, but that God ESPECIALLY hates fags so you should too.

I am a heterosexual.  In my life that fact is really low down on my “subjects to discuss with people at cocktail parties” list.  On a scale of 1-100, it’s probably about a 3 on the scale of how I am rated or perceived.  So why are gay people perceived as if their sexuality is about 98% of who they are?  I’m not saying this well…  Ok, many Christians judge homosexuals solely by their sin.  Oh, they are a homosexual.  They’re SINNERS, therefore they don’t deserve the same rights we enjoy.  Meanwhile, this same Christian is having an affair on his wife, he’s lusting after his secretary, he’s perusing porn on the internet every night (but it’s hetero porn so it’s ok), they lie, they cheat, they abuse their kids, they steal… why are they not judged by their sins too? 

Imagine if we all had to wear our sins for the world to see.  Adulterer.  Addict.  Deviant.  Liar.  I wouldn’t enjoy being known only by my sin and having the entire rest of my life ignored as if it didn’t matter.  You might love children and animals.  You might have a kind heart and a willing spirit, but I’m afraid you can’t be around my family and we really don’t want you in our church, and you don’t deserve to get married because of (fill in the blank…).  Sorry.  SUCKS to be you, eh? 

Is it because we try to hide our sins and homosexuals either can’t or don’t?  That the very fact that they are having a homosexual relationship kind of shoves it in our faces?  I don’t know.  (But I have no problem givin’ you my theory!)  I think it’s entirely possible that judgmental Christians are up in arms because many of these homosexual SINNERS won’t even admit, in fact don’t seem to have the slightest inkling or care that they ARE sinning in the first place!  Nor will they listen when we try to tell them they’re damned!  And do they have to be so… flamboyant?  Honestly…

I am not really bringing this subject up out of the blue.  I have had this post mostly written since election day.  I’ve discussed my thoughts with people far smarter and more pious and Biblically smart than me just to make sure I wasn’t going off half cocked in a completely wrong direction.  I’m fairly sure I’m standing on firm Biblical ground when I say, “Come on, Christians!  Walk the walk here!” 

I was appalled about what happened in California and Florida (and Arizona?) on election day.   Here in Florida a horrible proposition passed that takes away the rights of gay couples (and hetero couples who aren’t married) to have their relationship recognized.  It says marriage is one man to one woman, and no other partnership of any kind will have recognized rights.  It got me to thinking.  Why is this country gleefully and systematically denying gay couples the right to get married?  How does it harm me if my gay friends marry?  How does it harm society?  How does it harm anyone?  How does it make our society better to write bigotry into the state constitution?  (or, God forbid, the federal one!)  I think it makes it so much worse.  When you are willing to take away the rights of a minority because they are small in number and you don’t agree with their lifestyle, then you set yourselves up for the same kind of treatment someday when YOU’RE the minority on an issue.

I do think it’s okay for churches to refuse to marry gay couples if it’s against the tenents of their faith.  As long as the pastor also refuses to marry heterosexual couples who are living together before marriage (hey, sexual sin is sexual sin.  Why recognize one and not the other?)  But I don’t think it’s ok for a Justice of the Peace to refuse to marry a gay couple because their jobs aren’t faith based.  There will always be churches who won’t marry gay couples, but there will also be churches who will.  If getting married in a church is important to a gay couple, it’s definitely possible to find one who will perform it.  But it has to be legalized first! 

Diversity is what makes this country so great.  When did gay people become this country’s moral scapegoats?

The Bible says not to judge.  That we are to leave the judging to God.  It’s VERY clear about this.  Instead of being afraid of gay people, I think churches should embrace them.  God loves gay people the same as he does heterosexuals.  If I was the only person left on earth, Jesus would have still died on the cross for my sins.  And if your gay neighbor was the only person left on earth, Jesus would have died on the cross to save him too.  If a gay person is saved, I believe that he is going to heaven even if he is a practicing homosexual for his entire life.  Because we are ALL sinners.  It is our very nature, and Jesus paid the price for that sin. Yes, we are supposed to repent, but everyone has sin in their lives that they cannot overcome and if you are saved, you are saved in spite of it.

If you leave the judging to God, you are free to make friends  with all kinds of people.  You are free to bring folks to Christianity, and they are more receptive to it because they don’t sense that you have an agenda to change them.  If God wants folks to change, then HE’S perfectly capable of changing them.  HE can convict them.  It is not up to us to judge their behavior.  As Christians, it’s up to us to love people and to bring them the gospel. 

Then let God sort ’em out.