Yesterday’s post was so heavy that I decided that today I’d just write about something light-hearted and non-consequential.  I heard a question a few years back that I actually spent quite a lot of time pondering (which is rather sad, as you’ll see in a moment) and I’d be interested in how other people answer it.  Here’s the question:  You are having a dinner party and you are allowed to invite five guests.  They can be anyone who has ever lived (obviously, living or dead, they’d be magically alive again for the dinner party).  You’d have the entire night to chat it up with them and you could ask them anything you wanted.  Who would you choose?

My first choice was Jesus.  But after I got to thinking about it, I realized that I’m much rather save him for a night all to himself because it would be so interesting and I’m sure we wouldn’t get to the other guests.  So if I’m having a dinner party for one, he’d be the guy (there’s a really neat movie that has this exact scenerio that sometimes plays on the Christian channel that I highly recommend.  Though I cannot remember the name of it…) But for THIS dinner party, I’ll choose other guests.

1.  Jim Henson.  I LOVED Jim Henson and I always wanted to meet him and I used to dream of working with him.  I cried when he died and I kept his obituary and he just seems like he was a very smart, very creative and very kind man.  I think that Kermit, especially, hasn’t been the same since he died, and I always get excited when I realize it’s an old Sesame Street or Muppet Show on and it’s Jim performing Kermit the frog.  He’s definitely a role model of mine and he would be my first choice.

2.  Dr. Seuss.  (Yes, I know he has a real name, and I even know what it is, but I’m callin’ him Dr. Seuss today, so THERE!)  Again, I always wanted to meet him too.  What a genius!  I read his biography and he led an interesting life.  I think he’d add a lot to the discussion and I’d love to hear his stories.  I love creative people and he made a living creating children’s books, which sounds heavenly.

3.  JK Rowling.  I’m such a HUGE Harry Potter fan that I’d love to just sit and listen to her talk about the series for days.  Heck, I’m pretty much her bitch for life–no matter what she writes I’m gonna buy it, I’m sure.  (Gotta support the few, the proud, the self-made woman billionaires!)  Also, I’ve always had a sense that if she just KNEW me, she’d LOVE me, you know what I mean?  

…Call me!

4.  Ira Levin.  He was such a brilliant writer, and I adore all of his books.  I’ve never read a bad one.  My favorite is still Rosemary’s Baby (I think of this book as the PERFECT novel) but Boys from Brazil is a close second.  I know virtually nothing about his peronsal life, but I’m sure he’d make an interesting dinner companion.  He’s another one that I always wanted to meet before he died.

5.  Stephen King.  I’ve been a fan of his since I was a teenager, and he wrote the scariest book I’ve ever read (Pet Semetary.  I’ve read this book about 10 times and it creeps me out and fills me with dread EVERY time.  How many books can you say that about?)  I’ve read a ton of interviews with him over the years and he seems very easy-going and friendly.  A quiet family man with an overactive imagaination seems like the perfect way to round out my list!

So there you have it.  But wait, you say.  That list is full of writers and artists.  Where are the world leaders?  Where are the scientists and the inventors?  The movers and shakers?  The founding fathers?  Where’s the HEFT?  And you know what I say to that?  Make your own *&^% list, this one’s MINE.  I made a list of people I’d genuinely love to spend time with picking their brains and thay happened to all be creative people.  I never claimed to be that deep!  I am the original Fluff Girl!  I am what I am!

Now, who’s on YOUR list?