You know, I was trying to put together a list of my favorites web comics, when it dawned on me that I don’t actually read that many web comics.  I’m not sure why.  I’d love to add to my list of favorites because I’m always on the look out for another good comic, so (if you know of any other good ones!)maybe this list will end up being beneficial to me as well.  The reason I don’t link to these is because I can’t link worth beans.  I don’t know how to make those really neat and tidy links.  I only know how to cut and paste the URL.  Maybe I’ll get my best friend to go in here and put links up for this post and the other favorite strips post.  (Some of these strips appear in newspapers as well as on the web).  Anyway, here are my picks.  Drum roll please…

Day by Day by Chris Muir.  I enjoy this strip because of the characters and the politics.  Clear Blue Water features both a conservative and a liberal, but it definitely has a more liberal edge, and Day by Day features a liberal and three conservatives, so it has a more conservative edge.  The writing is great, I like the art, and I like that it features an interracial couple with differing politics.  The two couples in the strip are realistic and interesting– they aren’t just cardboard cut-outs, AND it’s created by an extremely nice guy.  Everyone check this strip out!

Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North.  I really enjoy this weird little strip!  It’s punny and wordy and for some reason the fact that it’s dinosaurs having these intense philosophical discussions makes it funny.  Well worth a look see.

Sheldon by Dave Kellett.  It’s about a boy billionaire, his pets (including a really cute/sarcastic duck named Arthur) and their grandfather.  I love the art here, I think it’s funny and I like his blog. 

The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch.  I just got turned on to this strip recently and I don’t think he updates anymore (or maybe just not very often), but there are a ton of strips to go through on his site and they are all so dark and strange and funny.  A REAAAAALLY interesting mind has created these strips.

C’est la Vie by Jennifer Babcock.  This is a strip about a sullen, sarcastic French girl named Mona, her upbeat friend Donna, and her talking stuffed rabbit Monsieur Smokey.  It’s dark, it’s funny and it’s been a favorite of mine for years.  Oh, and it has great art too! 

So that’s my tiny list.  I read other web comics occasionally, but they aren’t  particular favorites.  These are the only ones that I seek out regularly.  Hope you enjoy my picks!