When did the media first start this crazy thing they do now where they talk for hours and hours about absolutely nothing, and everybody watches it anyway?  They have one piece of information and 3 hours to fill, so they keep replaying the same footage over and over, they have the anchor interviewing other JOURNALISTS, they beat this one fact (or sometimes it’s just innuendo!) to death until there’s literally nothing left to discuss and still they don’t stop… when did this phenomenon start?  And WHY am I so addicted to it?!

They did it with 9/11.  They did it with Princess Diana’s death.  They did it with the OJ SImpson trial.  They did it with the Challenger explosion.  Did it happen before this?  Did they do it for the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles?  What about Mount Saint Helens?  I remember back in 1977 the nonstop footage about Elvis’ death and I was just a very small child. What about in 1968 with the assassinations of Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.?  Maybe it started with the first moon walk or  John F. Kennedy getting assassinated. 

Perhaps the media has always gone overboard when it came to big stories, but I don’t remember when it crossed over into the mainstream.  This happens weekly now.  Just look at hurricane coverage, for example.  Broadcasters are like vultures circling, eagerly hoping for a horrific tragedy so they can get good ratings.  When the storms pass by without incident those same reporters can barely mask their disappointment–which is sickening when it’s YOUR house and family that have been spared by a near miss. 

Maybe this craziness did start with the OJ trial.  That was a spectacle without end, it seemed, and it changed some things in this country forever (and not for the good!).  Sigh.  Why am I pondering this, you might ask?  Well…

I’m BORED.  I’ve got that post-Christmas let-down thing going on here.  Where’s my drama?  Where are my talking heads endlessly prattling on and on and on?  Where are the ridiculous captions running along the bottom of the screen (Frank. South Florida gay.)  Here’s a cartoon I wrote a few years ago about this very phenomenon, and it describes how I’m feeling right now pretty well.

Originally ran on 1/30/05

Originally ran on 1/30/05

Obama’s good for this country, but he won’t become the actual president until January.  Until that time, I, for one, am ready and willing to be distracted.  Find me a sob story–I need my fix!