I am still on a high from Obama’s historic win last night.  I think he will be a wonderful President.  As I was watching his acceptance speech last night I was struck by just how much charisma and charm this man has, along with how smart and unruffled he is.  I think he’ s got the perfect temperment to be President and I can’t wait to find out how he’ll do.

That said, he is inheriting some horrible problems from George W. Bush, and I think his first term will be quite hard.  I expect him to age about 20 years right before our eyes as he deals with the wars, the recession, the financial crisis, etc.  Not to mention the fact that as the first black President, the hopes, dreams and expectations of an entire population have been placed squarely upon his narrow shoulders.  He cannot afford to mess up in the same way that, say, Bush was allowed to, or even Bill Clinton. He has to be better, ALL the time.  And, while that’s not fair, that’s the way it is.  Thankfully, I believe he is more than up to the job.

I was so excited to watch McCain’s concession speech last night.  I really have loathed him for most of his campaign and I was looking forward to seeing him squirm.  I didn’t end up enjoying it very much.  Instead, I thought he gave a nice speech and I felt rather sorry for him.  Instead of celebrating, he had to watch his dreams die.  For good.  There will be no more chances for John McCain.  I saw a bit of the man that I liked so much from the 2000 elections and it made me sad.  The really gruff pat he gave Palin and the awkward hug he gave his wife at the end seemed to signal to me that here was a man barely in control of his emotions, who didn’t want to fall apart on the stage.  I hope he got off the stage and was allowed a private place to cry.  Or to, you know, trash his hotel room, get blazing drunk and pick a fight with a kindly secret service agent.  Whatever.

I will miss the nightly election coverage.  What will I watch now?  It’s such a letdown.  I felt the same way when the OJ trial was over.  We didn’t watch the actual trial, but we did watch Geraldo every night because it was interesting and I felt like Geraldo was REALLY invested in the outcome.  It was fabulous and wretched all at the same time, and so was the daily, no the HOURLY election coverage.

I started the night unable to watch at all becuase the early returns seemed to be going McCain’s way.  I hid in the bedroom getting more and more upset as my husband yelled the latest at me.  (McCain’s leading in Indiana and Virginia!  It’s OVER!)  I couln’t bear to watch until suddenly Obama took the lead and never looked back.  I had two cartoons written.  One for if he lost and one for if he won, but I refused to ink either one until the race was called, even though the last two hours we were just waiting for the inevitible.  We were just waiting for California’s polls to close.  Al Gore’s nightmare from 2000 was too fresh in my mind, I guess.

So, President elect Barack Obama–go and do good things.  No pressure.  No pressure at all.  You’ve only got the whole world watching…