So go VOTE!  Whether you are Democrat or Republican (but ESPECIALLY if you are Democrat–now’s not the time to get complacent!) go and vote.  People have fought and died for your right to do it.  Remember, if the lines are long at the polls, it’s ALWAYS worth sticking around.  If you’re willing to stand in line for an amusement park ride, then why not for something as important as this?  Bring a book, bring a snack, find a sitter, and vote.

Now that that elephant in the room has been thoroughly dealt with for the moment, I thought I’d mention a few things.  My cartoon today is something my sister said tonight on the phone (not my sister who sometimes comments here, but my OTHER sister, who shall not be named.)  I thought it was funny, so I scrapped my original cartoon and literally finished this one about two minutes before I posted it.  Gotta love web publishing! 

My original cartoon started with Eve waking Manny up to vote, and commenting about how scary it is that the country is stuck in the hands of the undecided voters.  How in the world can anybody still be undecided at this point?  The next panel showed a crowd of undecided zombie Sheeple that scare Owen (Must pull random levers!  Must vote for something!) The third panel shows Manny with a shotgun (kill the brain, kill the ghoul my son).  The last panel ends with it all being a dream, and Manny wakes up in bed with Eve who tells him it’s election day and mentions how scary it is to be stuck in the hands of the undecided voters… 

For anyone who thinks that sounds funnier than the cartoon I actually posted–it wasn’t.  I had a hard time drawing the crowd of Sheeple, and I thought it was kind of violent (and rioting in the streets isn’t, I suppose) which is why I was willing to scrap it.  But I did like the scenerio, which is why I wrote it out.  I mean, that’s not a cartoon I’m EVER going to be able to reuse again.  It was either write it out or scrap it forever, so this works for me.

Remember to take a picture or make a note of how low your gas prices are today.  As of last night, ours were at $2.39 a gallon.  If my theory holds true, we should start seeing them shoot back up rather quickly starting on Wednesday.  By next Tuesday, they should be sky-high again.  I hope I’m wrong, but it’s a phenomenon that I notice with every election.  The relief this time has been much more noticable though, because of how very high gas prices got in the last year.

Go Obama, go Obama, go Obama, GO!!!!!