Everyone else can go home now.  😉

There were no lines at all (there never are because our county is tiny) and the whole process took about 10 minutes.  It only took that long because the woman in the “M” line couldn’t find my name on the roster for a few minutes, and she wouldn’t allow me to look for myself.  I tell you my mind went to places it shouldn’t have gone and I was fixin’ to pitch one HELL of a fit if anyone tried to deny me my right to vote in this election.  In my head I was already planning the media assault, and how I was going to drag the registrar of elections out here by his back teeth… I mean, heads were gonna roll, and then the woman says,  “Oh, here it is.  I had my finger over your name all the time!  Silly me.”  Sigh. 

I really don’t know what to do with all of this extra adrenaline.  Anyone need their house painted, or perhaps a car lifted off of a small child?  Because, you know, I’m available.

I checked the ballot over about 4 times before I turned it in to make absolutely certain that I had voted for Obama and not McCain.  Yes, I have a touch of OCD, thank you very much.  I saw many McCain supporters out on the streets with their signs, but only a few for Obama.  My stomach was sour at the thought of an upset, and I was so pissed because I figured the Obama supporters had really dropped the ball. 

…Except that, um… I am an Obama supporter.  So I’ll just be mosying on down to our local Obama ’08 office and getting some “Change” signs in a few minutes.  And that nut you see out on the highway holding an Obama sign and waving her pantyhose over her head like a lunatic?  Well, that will be me.  Honk as you go by! 

And then go vote.