I am a huge Hillary Clinton fan.  Huge.  I think she would have made an awesome president, and it saddens me that she probably won’t get her shot now.  I wanted her to win the Democratic nomination over Obama, but now that he’s won, he has my full support.  I frankly don’t understand how anyone could be a Hillary supporter, and then move over and back McCain.  It flies in the face of all that she stands for, and it’s akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I was so disappointed that Obama didn’t choose her as his Vice President.  I knew he wasn’t going to, but I held some misguided hope right up until he announced Biden as his choice.  Now, I like Biden.  I think he seems like a smart, sweet (if overly chatty!) man, and he’s (hopefully!  Knock on wood!) going to make a wonderful VP.  But my initial reaction was that he was a very safe choice.  Another rich, white male.  Ho hum.  Yawn…  The only thing that made it interesting was that THIS time the rich white man was the BOTTOM of the ticket.  The VP to the rich BLACK man running for President.  Hmmm… Maybe not the same old same old after all.

Before Obama announced his choice, I was telling anyone who would listen that McCain was going to pick a woman if Obama didn’t choose Hillary.  He was going to do it to try and win over the disappointed women who loved Hillary.  I figured if Obama did choose Hillary, then McCain would choose either a black man, or a Hispanic man to try and balance the ticket racially.  I’ll never know if I was right about the second part, but I was spot on with the first.

When McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate I ran around the room screaming “I KNEW it!  TOLD ya so!  In your FACE!” while my family rolled their eyes and told me to shush and go take my medication. 

I knew very little about the Alaskan Governor, and I admit to initially being very excited by the choice.  She was pretty, she had a baby with a disability, she had five kids with unusual names, she was a governor so she had to be pretty smart, right?  I mean, Bill Clinton was a governor before he was President and he’s a genius.  These were all things in her favor, and I was all ready to love her (but not to vote for her.  I don’t like John McCain.  Period.) and then… she opened her mouth.  Sigh…

Turns out she can’t answer questions unless she’s coached.  Turns out she doesn’t tend to make a lot of sense in what she does say.  Turns out that she’s got ethics problems.  Turns out that McCain probably should have thought this MAJOR decision through a bit more instead of running off half-cocked and trying to out Obama Obama.  Because it just might cost him the election.

I don’t hate Palin, I just wish that she were more of a serious candidate.  I wish she had some heft behind her.  I wish she were Hillary’s intellectual equal.  I actually prayed for her before her debate with Biden because as much as I wanted Biden to win (which he did.  Easily), I didn’t want to watch her stand there like a deer-in-the-headlights, frozen and unable to do anything but babble out her talking points.  I hate to see women fail and I can’t believe I am going to have to vote against only the second woman ever to run in the VP spot.  I was too young to vote for Ferraro, and I’m too much of a Democrat to vote for Palin.

Right now, I worry about a McCain presidency.  The man is 72.  If he dies in office, she’s the president.  Tell me that doesn’t send a chill right down your spine. 

Ths cartoon ran on 12/18/05.  It discusses this very thing, and hopefully, Manny was wrong.  I finally have my answer.

I’ll end with these two pro-Obama videos that my sister and my dad sent me this morning.  They are too good not to share (I warned you that it would be election central around here).  The first one is narrated by Steve from Blue’s Clues fame, which is kind of weird, but funny.  I think he created it.  The ony line I don’t agree with is he talks about Sarah Palin’s voodoo prayers, and as a Christian, the wide-spread poking fun of her beliefs bothers me.  But the rest is funny.  The second one is just a link, and it’s personalized with my name, but it shows you how you can personalize it with any of your friend’s names and send it on.  I thought it was pretty clever.  There is some bleeped out language in the both videos.