Today’s strip features a poem written by my sister Lisa.  She wrote it 15-20 years ago when she was just a baby, really, and I’ve always thought it was hilarious.  The end just doesn’t fit with the over-earnest, trying-too-hard beginning.  This poem used to hang on my refrigerator, and one day I decided to make it into a cartoon.  I submitted this exact cartoon to Universal a few years back, and it wasn’t allowed to run.  I was told that you REALLY couldn’t make this reference on the comic pages (even in a regular daily), and that no one else at the syndicate thought the poem or the cartoon was as funny as I did.  Basically, it wasn’t funny enough to risk losing papers over.  I heartily disagreed, but that really didn’t matter.

So, I’m running it now because I CAN.  Now, it might not be funny,  (And if you don’t like it, remember, I didn’t write it.  My sister did.  All shame shall fall upon HER shoulders), but I enjoy it.  If you do think it’s funny, remember I drew it up and thought up the cartoon, so all praise shall fall upon MY shoulders.

Today's strip


I inserted the strip in here just in case anyone reading this blog hadn’t read the strip yet.  Click on the strip to see it bigger.
In other news, to everyone who has asked me about it, there is an archive (what will become a two week archive) on this blog.  It’s located at the top of this page.  The reason it’s not on my actual site is because I wanted to go live with CBW and I compromised on some stuff that wasn’t finished yet.  Eventually, I will add an archive to my karenmontaguereyes site, but for now, this is it.  I’m quite happy with the way it’s working out, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
I’ll end with something funny.  My young daughter was playing in the living room where we were watching the news.  They were discussing how Sarah Palin has spent $150,000 on clothes and makeup in just the last two months alone.  I wasn’t even aware that my daughter was paying attention.  Later, she came to me very seriously and told me that if SHE were President, she would have spent less money on clothes and makeup than Sarah Palin had, but that hair and makeup are important.  “Obviously, she just wanted to look her best.” 
The lesson?  …It’s hard to raise young feminists, when Alaskan Barbie is running for VP.