Today Clear Blue Water restarts and transitions from a print cartoon to web only strip.  I am excited about the new direction and the new freedom this change brings with it, but sad about the fact that it won’t be in newspapers any longer.  I enjoyed having a national audience (albeit a smallish one), and I especially enjoyed it when one of my cartoons struck a nerve with that audience.  I hope I can continue to do that from my place on the web. 


The reason I chose today’s strip is because it’s very similar to my very first print cartoon from May 3, 2004 (below).  Not the conversation, but the fact that you’ve just been dropped into the middle of a random argument between Manny and Eve.  I also like that it provides no context and no real resolution.  On a side note, don’tcha just love Manny’s long hair?  He only had it for less than two weeks, and it’s always jarring to see him like that.  I remember when my cartoon first debuted I read a comment from someone who was offended by the new cartoon featuring the lesbian couple.  (Sadly, this may have had more to do with my drawing ability than anything else…)



I was hoping to have this site up by last Wednesday for the debate, because I’d written a cartoon referencing it.  Unfortunately, we needed a bit more time to get things done, so I missed being able to use it.  I hate to waste cartoons so I am printing it here. 


My debate cartoon

My debate cartoon


As you can see, I’ve played fair.  I wrote this quite a while back, and I could’ve gone back today and changed McCain’s buzz words to things he actually overused in the last two debates so everyone would think I was psychic.  Things like “My friends,” “Joe-the-Plumber,” and “Why can’t I rattle him?!  Is he always so calm, cool and collected?!  I think my head’s going to explode!”  (To be fair, I’m not completely certain that last one was actually said out loud…)  


 Change is interesting.  I don’t generally go for it without being forced, kicking and screaming into sumbission, but sometimes it is sublime.  I won’t likely know if this transition from being a print cartoonist to a web cartoonist is a good thing or a bad thing for a while, but the interim should be a kick.  I will keep Clear Blue Water going as long as I continue to love it, or until I think it’s starting to suck.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to milk a few more good years out of the old gal.